International Practices for Project Management (IPPM) + Project Management Practices for Socio-Cultural Regions (PM4P): Springer-Nature(SN)
Overview: This book explores project management practices from an international standard and regional or cultural perspective. 

Key Stakeholders: Mr. Thomas Ditzinger &  Prof./Dr. Alvaro Rocha (Sponsors); SN Switzerland (Authority);  Prof./Dr. Ken Strang (PM/Editor) & Prof./Dr. Rao Vajjhala (Editor); Ms. Gayathri Sampathkumar (SN Production Assistant)
Project Team / Editorial Review Board: (not disclosed until approval received)

Phase 1. Write chapter - use one of the templates below - choose A or B below (if you do not use a template, it will be rejected by Springer):

  1. Ken's IPPM chapter 1: (new versions will be updated as peer-reviews are processed, so check back periodically)
  2. Springer template:

Phase 1 chapter deadline is May 30 - please upload ONLY the DOUBLE-BLINDED PDF with tables and images in there (for double-blind peer review phase) - choose A or B below:

  1. IPPM (if you demonstrate innovative or practical PM practices, models, and studies with case studies or examples):
  2. PM4P (if you propose cultural nuances and concepts beyond 'Western' countries):

Phase 2. Double-blind peer reviews [overlaps slightly with phase 1] - let Rao know if you want to review specific chapters (he will try if practical) - choose A or B below:

  1. You may use this peer review template and paste it in or attach it to the review: Chapter Review Template.docx
  2. You may simply answer this question: What, if anything, must be changed to conform with good scholarly academic writing

Phase 3. Revisions [June - July 15] - final chapter due July 15 - upload: PDF (double-blinded); in "complemental archive files", zipped: DOCX + IMAGES + copyright agreement - choose A or B below:

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Phase 4. Adjustments [July 15-August] - acceptances/rejections/final changes [you will be contacted to confirm everything, maybe to obtain your bio, photo if desired, and maybe to make more changes]

Phase 5. Production [September] - Rao & Ken will create the preface, and then handoff to Springer - please recommend two well-known PM industry people to create the forewords  


Accepted chapter titles (blinded - NOT in final sequence yet - titles can be changed at any time before final acceptance)

  1. Simplified ISO 21502 Project Management Applied in a Fintech Case Study
  2. Applications and lessons learned from the PMBOK within the Quebec public administration
  3. Managing Last Minute Technical Modifications Instigated by Local Government Authorities; the Case of Design and Build Road Projects
  4. Brief Comparison of ISO to Other Popular Approaches - Agile: Adaptive Project Management
  5. Contemporary Project Management – A Macro Environmental Analysis
  6. Narratives for transitions: A study on infrastructure projects in the United Kingdom
  7. The Future of Project Management: Evolving Roles and Skills
  8. Influence and Negotiation in Project Management: A Guide for Practitioners
  9. Conceptual framework to understand the tradeoff between efficiency and value in collaborative R&D projects. A complexity theory perspective.
  10. Project Risk Management (PRM) in Situations of High Complexity and Deep Uncertainty
  11. Setting up a Project Management Office for success in the Information Technology industry
  12. Digital Transformation: Business Process Management in the Service Sector
  13. FINTECH and Financial Inclusion – A Review on Risk Management Strategies
  14. Planning Multinational Technology Rollouts
  15. Qualitative Study of Analytics Projects
  16. Framework for managing artificial intelligence (AI) projects: avoiding harms, losses, and damages from AI systems
  18. Simplified Stakeholder Management in Project Management: Biopharmaceutical Case Study
  19. Applying ISO project theories in academic research: Selected techniques in a book publication project
  20. Time Management Strategies for Software Development Projects
  21. Achieving Work Life Balance (WLB) among Construction Site Personnel; the Case of Remote Sites
  22. Cybersecurity Risks in IT Projects: Prevention and Mitigation Strategies
  24. Strategic Planning in Healthcare: Adapting to Rapid Changes
  25. A Digital Transformation on People’s Opinion in Twitter: A Study of Service Sector with special reference to Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike
  26. Human Resource Management in Project Management: Software Engineering Case Study
  1. Asia's Tiger Economies and Beyond: Project Management Views from Asian Institutions
  2. Project Management: The New Frontiers of Opportunities in Africa with Specific Country-based Case Studies
  3. Project Management for European, Asian, and African Practitioners - Theory and Technique Examples in Selected Professions - Introduction
  4. Embracing Sustainability and Sustainable Project Management: Vision for Tomorrow Greeting Infrastructural and Construction Canvas
  5. Social media and community engagement in megaprojects: case studies of four metro rail projects from India
  6. A resilience perspective of European R&D collaborative projects. A complex theory approach.
  7. Work readiness skill requirements for early career project managers in the Australian AEC industry
  8. Project Resilience in Practice: Insights from Adaptation to the Global Pandemic for Inter-Organizational Project Managers
  9. Turning around Leadership and Communication in multicultural European projects through Artificial Intelligence
  10. Responsible Innovation Project Management: Between resilience and sustainability in the African context
  11. Decision-making, critical thinking and confidence: A literature review of how organisations can develop these skills in early career project managers
  12. The importance of project management in digital transformation. The case of smart Cities.
  13. The relevance of projects in the context of organizational urbanism
  14. Project management in information systems architecture
  15. Project Management Maturity in Europe and Brazil
  16. Achieving Work Life Balance (WLB) at Remote Construction Sites; Project Management Perspective
  17. Technical Modifications Instigated by Local Government Authorities in Design and Build Road Projects: Case Study in the State of Qatar
  18. Digital Convergence: Strategic Project Management in Media Across Europe, Asia, and Africa
  19. The Rise of Hybrid Project Management Approaches and Methodologies: Prioritizing Competency Development

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